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Ps-28 Cruiser (certified Sportcruiser) adid = 34243

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Fly-in, For Sale | CSA, PS-28

Our first Demonstrator PS-28 Cruiser (Certified SportCruiser) is due for replacement and is now available for sale. This aircraft can be used by Flight schools for Training up to PPL. The aircraft is equipped with a modern glass cockpit featuring the Dynon 100 EFIS and Dynon 120 EMS. The Garmin 695 is installed for navigation. The aircraft last year had the quieter more efficient Sensenich 3 blade propeller installed. It now has 530 hours on the clock and has always been my favourite of our two aircraft. The aircraft is also equipped with a BRS system. The aircraft has been hangared its whole life and completed a couple of trips to Europe and travelled through Scotland England and Wales.


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