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Quick R Explorer 2013 adid = 34527

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | P&M, 912ULS Quick R Explo | 29000

FOR SALE 29,000.00
Quick R Explorer Jan 2013,
912 ULS Warp Drive
57 Flight hrs, 72 Engine Hrs.
Analogue Instruments.
Trike,Spats, Screen, Wing Covers, Panniers And training bars.
All maintenance as per manufacturers specification.
Metallic Blue finish and looks amazing in mint condition as expected from only 70 hrs.
Lots of pictures available.
Tel Steve 07860 558707
Email -

New hanger-age also available in Cheshire/South Warrington, perfect Grass Strip.
Send graham homan a Secure Message. Contact Details 07860558707 Ask a Question