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Share For Sale In 1990 Socata Tb20 Trinidad adid = 34553

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Socata, TB20 Trinidad

1/3 or 1/4 share for sale in 1990 Socata TB20 Trinidad (s/n 1131).
Call to discuss.
Fully IFR equipped.
Buyers must have IMCR or IR and at least 200 hours P1.

Hangared at Strubby (EGCG) in Lincolnshire with 650 metre tarmac runway

TTAF = 1750 hours
TTE = 712 hours
Prop SMOH = 135 hours

250 hp, non-turbocharged (very reliable), retractable, constant speed propeller.
8 hours endurance at 55% power, full airways.
2 x lifejackets, 4-man liferaft, Cambrai cover and chocks for touring.

Garmin GNS430W GPS/Nav1/Com1 (panel mount)(WAAS-enabled for LPV approcahes)
King KN53 Nav2
King KY196A Com2
King KN63 DME
King KR87 ADF

King KI229 dual needle RMI
Dual ILS receivers
Dual altimeters
Dual attitude indicators (1 x vacuum, 1 x electric)

King KFC150 flight director/autopilot with vertical speed select and altitude preselect

Garmin GTX 330 mode S transponder
Shadin Miniflo L fuel computer
Stormscope WX1000

2 x Sennheiser noise cancelling headsets (powered from aircraft, not batteries).
4 x headset sockets.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07708-154890
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