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Fishburn Based Cessna 150 Group - £65ph Wet adid = 34574

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

We believe our Cessna 150 to be the best value group in the country based at Fishburn Airfield.

G-AWOT as pictured is an immaculate aircraft that is a delight to fly from the best GA airfield in the North.

Have the advantages of owning your own aircraft but without the risk of maintenance & unexpected bills.

Current license holders and those working towards a commercial license are welcome to join.

We hire aircraft based on tacho time rather than a "brakes off" basis, giving you far better value for money and ultimately more flight time.

Simple to use internet booking system.

Places are limited, to ensure good availability for the aircraft.

There is no joining fee but there is a fully refundable security deposit on joining the group.

Monthly fee: £50
Hourly rate: £65 per tacho hour (wet)
Annual Fishburn Airfield membership : £84 inc VAT

Save on club hire rates after just one hour of flying a month. The more you fly the more you save!

Please contact for more information.
Send RS Aviation a Secure Message. Contact Details 0191 377 0137