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Jodel 117 Airframe adid = 34862

Aviation Photo number 45938
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Jodel, Jodel 117 | £9,950

Jodel 117 Project.

This aircraft has been in the Whitham family (Crosland Moor) for many years.

* Fuselage has been professionally recovered and repainted.
* Tailplane covered.
* New perspex canopy/windscreen - cost £1000 +.
* Ambassadeur frame (forward hinged doors).
* Wing has been recovered but not finished on leading edge.
* New firewall/Scott brake master cylinders (circa £1500 each).
* New undercarriage outer legs (1050 type) with new spats.
* New instrument panel with many new instruments.
* Becker remote head Transceiver and Mode C Transponder - New.
* All parts included, sticks, pedals, tanks, fuel valve, gascolator,
engine frame. Loads of parts.
* If you're thinking of restoring a Jodel you could not get to this
point in the restoration with the new parts included here for the
same amount of money let alone the time involved.
* £9,950 firm.
Note. Engine not included. 07900 244442
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07900 244442