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Flight Sim Supervisors Wanted - Elstree -simulator adid = 34879

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Miscellaneous, Wanted | Flight Simulator Sup

We are a Professional and fun flying school based at the vibrant Elstree Aerodrome only 25 minutes from central London.

We have 3 aircraft and 3 flying instructors. To enhance our offering we have a static 4 screen simulator (with vibrating seat for a more realistic experience) with up to date scenery and technology with a state of the art graphics card.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic Flight simulator gurus… You don’t need to have experience of instructing/supervising others, but need to have a friendly positive attitude and lots of hours of experience on Flight Simulators! The role is part-time, hours to suit.

The flight simulator experience we offer is a fun package… Giving the participants the opportunity to fly a range of aircraft from a small 2 seater to a Jet passenger aircraft on approach into Heathrow. The simulator is housed in a dedicated simulator room, with a bespoke flight unit with 2 seat cockpit, real aircraft seats, a choice of joystick or yoke and rudder pedals.

The role would suit a flying enthusiastic who is flexible with availability – Initially we will arrange all bookings for you. Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest time, although there are also bookings mid-week. You could help us to increase demand during the week, as the school is open 7 days a week.

We pay good hourly rates for the right person. You would be self-employed and if you would like to take up flying lessons we can offer you a discount on your lessons….

Call Andrea on 07866 243492
Send Kevin O'Neill a Secure Message. Contact Details 07866 243492 Ask a Question