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60-minute Flight Simulator Experience From 49 adid = 34880

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Fly-in, Clubs & training

One or two flying enthusiasts can take to the simulated skies during a 60-minute flight simulator experience. After a briefing, amateur pilots will helm the craft for 30 minutes. Guests can choose to fly from Shoreham to the Isle of Wight, London City to Southend, Bristol to Gloucester or Caernafron to Snowdon. Those with a competitive streak can choose a Thames River Air Race and a two-person simulation will have the opportunity to fly as the pilot and then as navigator.

Choose from the following options for a 60-minute flight simulator experience:

49 for one person (51% off normal price)

79 for two people (47% off normal price)

Call Andrea 07866 243492 or email:
Send Kevin O'Neill a Secure Message. Contact Details 07866 243492