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Voliamo Flying School, East Sussex, Learn To Fly adid = 34979

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Three-axis Microlights, Clubs & training

VoliAmo Flying school, Fix Wing flight Training only,

Full time flight Instructor, flight and ground Examiner, all you need to complete your flight training,

Two school training Aircraft, SLA80 Executive Rotax 912 ul / Tecnam P92 echo Jabiru 2200,

Become VoliAmo Flying School member, and Fly the school sircrafts without having to purchase a share, Monthly subscription plus hourly rate,
Term & condition apply, please call for more information,

Plenty of availability, we take booking from early morning up to late evening, we are open seven Days a Week, all Year around,

For more information please call the CFI Domenico, 07899724432,

Send Gianfranco Cioffi a Secure Message.

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