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Pipistrel Virus Sw 600 Kg Kit Available adid = 35142

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Pipistrel AIRCRAFT, Virus SW 127

Pipistrel Virus SW is now available as 600 kg mtow kit for 51% Amateur Building.

Approved by BMAA as VLA/LSA.

Ideal for pilots who want a comfortable touring machine with 135 knots cruise and 700 mile range, with CS prop and Rotax 912 ULS engine.
complete with ballistic rescue parachute as standard.
Delivery in 4 months from order deposit.
Prices including Engine, Vario prop, Dynon Instruments, and Factory Assistance from 105k Euros

Virus Sw 121 and Alpha Trainer available on monthly lease for flight schools.

Contact us at Fly About Aviation Ltd.
Tel :- 0844 556 1279
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 0844 556 1279

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