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Hangar Opportunity, Lichfield, Staffs adid = 35227

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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale, Wood

An ideal opportunity to own your own hangar at a long established grass airstrip near Lichfield, Staffs. 650 metre grass runway with good approaches and established 35+ years. Flyable almost all year round. The hangars are set in a secluded coppice just off the runway and mine has a prime entrance spot. The hangar requires repair and attention. The landowner would welcome a tasteful refurbishment or possibly a metal clad Polly tunnel in keeping with some of the other hangars. Annual fees are very reasonable and a one off joining fee is also applicable because the club owns a tractor, 7 gang mowers, roller and storage container and presently has 17 members. The hangar footprint at present is circa 36 wide by 26 deep but could go larger. The ground under the hangar is dry. There are not many opportunities that arise to own a hangar on a strip like this. Call me for details and photos. 1,500.
Roy Sears
07976 602110
01543 482063
Send Roy Sears a Secure Message. Contact Details 07976 602110