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All Cessna 152 Parts adid = 35349

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Cessna, 152 | Best Value

We are parting out 2x Cessna 152 aircraft for parts. All parts available, complete de-riveting so every rib, former, bulkhead etc is available in condition to pass any inspection. 28 day refund on any part you are unhappy with. If you are rebuilding a C152 this is a great chance to get anything from seat rails to fuel tanks to flaps to a firewall. Cessna prices are sky high for these items, but we wont be beaten on a quote. Form 1 available at extra cost. If you need a C152 parts catalog PDF drop us a line. We have all the items removed from both a Reims and Cessna 152.
Send William Flood a Secure Message. Contact Details 00353872218706