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1987 Nanchang Cj6a Fresh 2 Year Iran Inspection adid = 35369

Aviation Photo number 46834
Aviation Photograph 2
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Fly-in, For Sale | Nanchang, CJ6A | 63000

This aircraft has gone through an extensive disassembly and re-assembly process with many components stripped and painted. All systems have been inspected, cleaned, function tested and repaired or replaced as required. This is not just a quick assemble as received from China, but something closer to an IRAN inspection. This process represents over 1,200 man-hours over a period of 20 months. I have over 600 photos documenting the process that will be included on DVD. The Airworthiness was issued Nov. 2015 and the plane is ready to go. Please visit the website for all the details and many pictures.
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