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Pipistrel Virus Sw - 1/3 Share adid = 35412

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups, Pipistrel Virus SW | £35,170

Upgrade your ride this Summer.

Brand new Pipistrel Virus SW - 1/3 share.

A real 'go places' machine. 137 kts cruise TAS @ 19 litres per hour of MOGAS (or AvGas if you prefer). 700nm range. 270kg useful load. Essentially you are getting near Cirrus SR20 performance at about 1/6th of the cost (be honest you're never going to use those other 2 seats anyway).

BRS fitted. Dynon panel, Trig radio 8.33 and Transponder, Beringer brakes and Akrapovik Titanium exhaust, Full leather interior, luggage locker door, strobes, plus many other extras. On the BMAA register, so no expensive annuals. Very easy and safe to fly. This particular aircraft is essentially a certified model but without the certified engine and prop. This means a much higher build quality (read strength) for the fuselage, undercarriage and wings than the usual kit built version. Based at Top Farm (Cambridgeshire, near Duxford) relocation possible.

1/3 share price is £35,170. With a monthly fee of £70. Dry rate £20 per hour. Excellent availability.

Phone Andy on 07932 853 303 or email on
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07932 853 303