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Light Aircraft, For Sale

The Team of dedicated Professional Aviators at Fly MillionAir understands how difficult and daunting it can be to find the right aircraft, we have all been there ourselves as private owners and made mistakes just like you.

Are you sick of trolling through the numerous websites and classifieds looking for that special aircraft but just can’t seem to find it?

Are you tired of dealing with brokers who are only out to earn commission on the highest sale and have no time to answer questions?

Are you missing out on great aircraft just because you don’t know where to find them?

Fly MillionAir will take all of these issues away and make the reputable dealers fight for your business by providing you with the best aircraft that meets your requirements and within budget offing you the best deal and ultimately making you in charge of the process.

We also offer and supply finance subject to status so making the next aircraft purchase is even easier with Fly MillionAir.

Don’t get caught in the world of unreliable brokers and overpriced aircraft use our service today with no obligation and see the benefits and peace of mind it brings.

Email -
Tel - +44 0191 9035640
Mob - +44 7375 088345
Skype - fly.millionair
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details ​0191 9035640