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Rv6 Third Share Chiltern Park: G-bzvn adid = 35651

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Vans, RV6 | £20,000

A third share of a superb RV6 in a friendly and active syndicate based at Chiltern Park (a 600m grass strip just inside RAF Benson''''s MATZ).
180 HP brand new Superior injected engine fitted Winter 2015. Constant speed Hartzell prop giving 170mph cruise at c30 litres/hour - a fantastic tourer.
Sliding canopy, solid state A/H, etch primed throughout for the British Weather. Monthly cost of £135 for indoor hangarage, insurance, maintenance. Canopy cover, lifejackets etc. included.
Send Jon Gatfield a Secure Message. Contact Details 07824 519384
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