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Garmin 496 Gps For Sale £400 Ono adid = 35738

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | Garmin

Garmin 496 GPS FOR SALE with charging cables and cockpit mount.GPS comes with brand new battery.
In PWO like new £400 ono plus postage.
Phone 00353 860601048

Send martina maguire a Secure Message. Ask a Question

There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi Is the GPS still for sale. Can it be mounted on a flexwing. Best Regards Thomas

A1 awaiting answer Hi yes still for sale and can be mounted on flexwing.

Q2 Is it still for sale? I tried to write you with no answer?

A2 Yes still for sale why not call me My phone number is in the add. Thanks

Q3 Easier via email as I am in France, best regards Patrick

A3 awaiting answer Let me have your email address ?

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