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Rffs Cat 1 Fire Truck For Sale adid = 35810

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Transport and Trailers, For Sale | Land Rover | £8750+VAT ono

Long wheel base land rover 110 Defender. 2.5L Turbo Diesel engine. 4 Wheel drive with selectable high and low ratios and differential lock.

Equipped with a 250L pre mixed AFFF Perren system, contained within 2, 125L tanks. It is powered by a 20L compressed air cylinder. The hose is flaked into the hosebox attached to the vehicle which contains a Unifire hand control branch with optional aspirator attachment stored separately.

There is storage for an array of extinguisher as well as 2 boxes mounted on the rear for carriage of small tools and equipment. These are lit up for night operations with rear mounted spot lights.

The vehicle meets RFFS CAT 1 requirements.

Please contact Phil Hall on 01604 491112 or
Send Philip Hall a Secure Message. Contact Details Phil Hall
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