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Grip Assembly Guardian Electric B8/mc2 adid = 35833

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Guardian Electric, A128962284-00 | £150.00

Guardian Grip assembly ex South Africa airforce Bosbok wires cut off but otherwise fully functional, ideal for home built aircraft or rebuild of aircraft.
offers accepted.

The B-8 / MC-2 Grip has become the most popular control grip in aviation. This grip has seen action in fixed wing aircraft such as the A-10, and rotary-wing aircraft manufactured in the United States and abroad. The single- piece moulded design gives the B-8 / MC-2 control grip exceptional strength, while allowing for simplified switch replacement. This proven style places up to five switches (shown here with three pushbuttons, a 4-way actuation switch, and a two-stage trigger) in an ergonomic position for the right hand.
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