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Cessna 150 Parts For Sale adid = 35930

Views so far = 1572

Light Aircraft, For Sale | Cessna, 150

A cessna 150 for breaking following wind damage.

Please enquire for parts.
Send John Nugent a Secure Message. Contact Details John Nugent - 086 2394417 Ask a Question

There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi ref your c150, do you have standard wing fuel tanks fitted? if so, are they available? Is the engine for sale? if so can you provide any details, total hrs, any overhaul or cylinder info that would be relevant? Best regards James Vinall

A1 If you give me a ring tomorrow during the day I can check with the mechanics then and there who are looking after it. 00353862394417

Q2 hi could please let me know what nav kit available ? I'm looking possibly for ADF, DME and possibly Glideslope? and I really need sun visor brackets? many thanks

A2 If you give me a ring tomorrow during the day I can check straight away. 00353862394417

Q3 Hi not sure how old your add is but I am after engine baffles and a few other bits for 150 Many thanks Steve

A3 awaiting answer

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