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Main Air Sails & Repair Services North West adid = 36168

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale

Hi everyone! Sorry it''s been a bit quiet on our side, as you can imagine there is a lot to organise/sort out
We have a unit all up and running now to facilitate-

Dave Bolton- trike service and repairs
Ian Rawson- wing servicing
Denise Williams- sail repairs and accessories

All three are ex P&M staff from Rochdale (with 55 years experience between them)

We have been having some trouble viewing messages through afors so if you havnt received a reply please can you send another message or call/text the number provided


Whilst some of you will know us, for those who don''''t, we''''ve been tucked away in the back of the P&M Rochdale Factory. For the past 15 years or so, we have been repairing sails, making new sails, and other software for P&M machines, including older Mainair types.

We offer a repair service, and can manufacture replacement sails for the Alpha and Blade etc.(agreed with P&M).
We hold original patterns - not copies

Repairs to any sail can be carried out, flex or 3 axis

We also provide wing covers, trike covers and sewn part you need ( even if it''''s not a pattern we hold, we can use your old one)

Send Denise Williams a Secure Message.

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi Denise, I have just bought a Mainair Sport Scorcher C.1992 so I am delighted you have managed to keep the team together so I wish you luck...!!! I think I will be calling on you for a new sail before long, but in the interim I need a cover for the trike to cover from nose to engine, navigating the front and rear poles and the engine wires. I am not aware of a template, but is it something you can create for me and if so how much. Regards Edward Kirkby

A1 Could you give us a call on 07970752356 please

Q2 Great news i will share this on the microlight forum.. its good to know we can still get our kit sorted.. kind regards mark G-MWSI

A2 Thank you

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