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Shoreham Lovely Tb20 Share For Sale adid = 36260

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Socata , Trinidad TB20 | £7450

Shoreham TB20 share for sale

highly capable fast-touring machine

1/8 share in very nice 1983 Socata TB20 Trinidad hangared in Shoreham

Friendly small group running 20 yrs –selling due to purchase of own plane.

£100/month £50/hr. 130-140kts @ 48litres/hour thanks to retractable gear and variable pitch prop. (POH says cruise is 153kts @ 45litres/hr @ 4500ft)

Good availability - flew under 150hrs in 2015 – and easy internet booking.

Good speedy climb even with four large adults. Comfy flying to France,

Channel Isles and further, yet happy pootling to Bembridge too.

Useful avionics/comms fit:

• Garmin GNS 430 + Garmin GMA 340 panel + COM2/NAV2

• Garmin GTX328 Mode S Transponder

• Autopilot Century 21

• Dual Altimeters, Dual VOR

• Fuel Flowmeter FS450

• KR87 ADF

• KN64 DME

• EDM 700 electronic engine monitoring

• 4 Person raft + ELB

• Minimum P1 requirement 100 hrs

Only £7450 – call anytime or email to find out more

Neal on 0784 77 77 007

Send Neal Cavalier-Smith a Secure Message. Contact Details 0784 77 77 007 Ask a Question