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Credit Card Size Scale Ruler And Protractor adid = 36277

Aviation Photo number 48513
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Miscellaneous, For Sale | £12

Make quick accurate measurements on your VFR 1:500,000 or 1:250,000 scale chart while flying without clogging up the cockpit using a huge ruler and protractor.

Scale Ruler (Card 1)

Outside edges read to 21nm in 1:500,000 and to 10nm in 1:250,000 scale in addition to an inner Kilometer and Statute mile scale. Printed on credit card sized clear plastic.

Protractor (Card 2)

0-360 degree scale on the outside edges with an inner 10nm scale at 1:500,000. Printed on credit card sized clear plastic.

Buy both cards for £10, or both plus a card holder for £12.
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