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Pegasus Quantum 15 Super Sport. Rotax 582. adid = 36354

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Pegasus, Quantum Super Sport | 5000 EUR


For sale Pegasus Quantum 15 Super Sport in excellent condition. Plane is always kept hangered, well maintained. Engine: Rotax 582. Wing Q2. Total: 411 hours. 70 hours ago made full engine repair (new crankshaft/pistons/bearings/ gaskets; now as new). Electric starter. New battery. Engine and through out in excellent condition. Reason for selling - i`m going to 3 axis plane.

Aircraft comes with:
- Lynx Micro System Intercom
- Two helmets from Microavionic XL and L size
- Gloves on the handlebar
- Trailer for transportation
- Wing bag.

Plane location: Country - LITHUANIA.

Price: 5000 EUR

If interested, please contact. More questions about this beautiful plane via email or phone (I do not read Afors messages). For extra payment I can even deliver to the UK or other country.
mobile.: +370-670-54-910
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details +370 670 54 910
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