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Ssdr Sirocco Swft With Konig 3cyl Radial Engine adid = 36405

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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale, sirocco SWFT | £6,000

Price dropped from £11000 to £6000!!! Needs to go soon! Sirocco SWFT with Electric start Konig/Compact radials SC430 3 cyl Radial Engine, with 315KG MAW (125kg Empty) 3 hours on engine and airframe from new. £2k worth of instruments (Microair Radio, Funkworks Digital flight instrument/GPS, MGL Digital engine Monitor, MGL digital fuel flow meter and sender) Lithium Battery and charger, Total Recovery airframe Parachute, exelent brakes etc

This is a modified full Kevlar/carbon Sirocco with shorter wings and fixed tail (rather than the vulnerable all flying tail version) New project (another SSDR) nearing completion forces sale. Flys nicely, can be seen flying, dismantles in about 30 - 40 mins
Send dave stephens a Secure Message. Contact Details 07970299845