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Fed Up With Old Bangers adid = 36453

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Fly-in, For Sale

Tired of old Bangers

On a budget not MPs expenses

No bank account in Panama

Why go to the expense and hassle of Traveling abroad unless your escaping the tax man

North Weald flying group ltd GBR -ATO -0332 in association with North Weald flight training ltd GBR-ATO-0450 has three two seat aircraft available for hour builders excellent availability Monday to Friday , no restrictions on going abroad or taking the aircraft away for trips , very competitive rates , all charges by tacho hour .

All the aircraft are mode S and 8.33 spacing radios, and maintained and presented to the highest standards and Hangared , ideal for traveling to the Cayman Islands now Panama has become a bit sticky , Prime Ministers & MPs welcome .

Contact 01992 -522090 or 07932 -150960
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