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Minimax 1030f Max-103 Ssdr Project - Reduced adid = 36512

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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | £1500

MiniMax 1030F Max-103 SSDR Project

A great project for someone with more time than I currently have. The wings are built and just need covering. The fuselage, including the Hirth F33 engine mount, is about 3/4 complete. All the metal work for the project is completed and there is enough timber and ply to complete the airframe. The aeroplane has been built throughout with aircraft grade sitka spruce, birch and mahogany plywood and to a very high standard. I have spent around £3500 on the materials so the sale price reflects a great saving. All metalwork is of aircraft grade alloy and steel, as per the call out on the plans, as are the fasteners (all AN grade). The bowden control cables for both aileron and elevator are included. I am open to offers around £1,500. Give me a call on 07968 765755 if you need further info. Please don't PM me as I find it difficult to respond to these. Just text me.

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07968 765755
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