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Station 144 Old Buckenham adid = 36516

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | AirBASE, DVD | £15.00

Old Buckenham Airfield in Norfolk was the wartime base of the 453rd Bomb Group of the USAAF. This film, made to broadcast standards in 2015 and narrated by BBC''s Patrick Lunt and serving USAF pilots tells the story of the airfield from 1942 until today. The epic journey of the American airmen and their aircraft to get here is covered, their 259 operations, their departure in 1945, the RAF operations after WWII, crop spraying in the 1980s to todays busy GA operations and air shows. Running time 70 mins. Order through the AirBASE website and pay by Paypal. UK postage free.
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