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Light Aircraft, For Sale | CEA Robin Dr220 | £28750 (OVVVNO)

G-FEEF - £28750 (or incredibly near offer)

Unfortunately I have been a victim of ‘Tempus Vastatores’ and must re-advertise my aircraft.

Offered for sale is my rather elegant 1966 CEA Robin Dr220 that I have kept hangared since I imported her from Chavenay, France in June 2011. She was kept in a dry hangar in France and was cosseted outrageously during her ownership there. She certainly attracts very positive comment when parked at the airfields we visit on our travels in the UK and the continent.

Total airframe hours are 7350hrs with the engine at 1165hrs. She was given new lungs to her RR/Continental O-200 with the replacement of all cylinders two years ago.

She trots along at a genuine 105kts TAS at 2400 RPM burning about 22L/hr while watching the countryside pass by from her very light and airy cockpit.

Radio is an exceptionally clear King KX155.
Transponder is a King K76A.
Intercomm is a Sigtronics SPA 400 – excellent quality cockpit comms.
Wet weather cockpit cover included.

ARC issued July this year with no faults found.

Genuinely interested parties are invited to email me in the first instance due to difficulties receiving phone calls.

Genuine buyers will be made very welcome to view and fly.

Potential continental purchasers note the exchange rate currently very much in your favour!


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