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Cfm Streak Shadow Microlight/group A Sold adid = 36783

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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | CFM, Streak Shadow

Here for sale is my much-loved CFM Streak Shadow narrow body, kit number 214. She is currently registered as a microlight but a simple paperwork exercise can return her to Group A, which she was when I bought her. She could even be converted to SSDR if you have a mind to.

She is a Rotax 582-powered, dual ignition, dual control, DCDI model with a B Gearbox, 4 blade composite Arplast propellor and pull start (to save weight and complexity). Also, she has a new maintenance-free Lithium battery (to save weight again) and Iridium spark plugs, making her a first-time starter hot or cold.

The narrow-bodied Streaks are acknowledged to be the best performing and best handling of the Shadow family and she is no exception, with a VNE of 122kts, a solo climb rate in excess of 1300fpm and an economy cruise between 65 and 80 kts indicated, depending on how much fuel you want to drink. Her acceleration on the ground and in the air is outstanding.

She has logged 547 hours so far, with the engine having been rebored and the crank serviced 109 hours ago. These numbers will be increasing because I fly her as often as I can get to the strip.....shes a true pilots aeroplane, finished in an eye-catching paint scheme that always draws compliments (see photos!). The fabric is also in excellent condition. Needless to say, all MPDs and SBs are up-to-date.

She has a new Permit to Fly valid to May 2018 . The gearbox has just been overhauled, the propeller refurbished and balanced and the 100 hour top-end service was also recently done. Radiator rubbers have been replaced and she has a new pull-start cord. The carbs are fitted with an icing prevention system. Also new are the tyres (heavy duty Hi-Speed, not the usual wheelbarrow rubber!) and inner tubes. She has a Crosbie carbon fibre undercarriage, alloy main wheels and a strengthened nosewheel assembly (a Shadow weak point!), with fairly recent nosewheel suspension. She also has an effective strobe and a landing light.

Inside the cockpit she has the following instruments: ASI, Alt, VSI, RPM, EGTs (2), Water Temp, Compass, Fuel Guages(2), slip ball, Trim indicator lights, analogue clock and a Hobbs Meter. The electric trim is adjusted from the control stick and the radio PTT is on the throttle. She has an Icom A22E radio with VOR tracking and the (included) Sennheiser headsets route through a Flightcom II SX intercom which needs no batteries. There is a 12v aux (cigar lighter) socket which powers my knee-pad mounted Airbox GPS (sorry, GPS and kneepad not included). There are front and rear 4-point Willans seatbelts and the optional extra clearview panels at the pilots shoulders. The view from the Pilots very comfy seat is unparalleled - just like a glider.

Now the best features: She has two LAA approved colour-matched aluminium Jedi Racing fuel tanks of 55 litres which replace the original leak-prone fibrelam items. These are essential equipment in my view and alone are worth over £1.25K. Also essential, from the point of view of passenger comfort, is a Crosbie extended footwell with fold-away rudder pedals to allow the passenger to relax in comfort. The original Shadow footwells can be torture!

Almost forgot: extensive manuals included, in particular the original Build Manual with photographs of her construction.

The sale price is £7,500 - the best value flying for two people ever!

Contact me, Phil Cater, if you have any questions.....I'm always happy to talk 'Shadow' (this is my second)!

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07581 237811


There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 What is the empty weight please? Thanks Tony

A1 Hi Tony. Thanks for asking - I forgot to mention that. Her weight and balance was done in May 2014 and she weighed 439lbs (199kgs). I've since saved another 4kgs on that by fitting a Lithium battery and lightweight intercom. With 2 x 90kgs people on board you can fill the Jedi slipper tank (30 litres) and still stay within mtow limits.

Q2 Hi interested in aircraft but quick question. You say you can get 2 90kg adults, + 30 litre fuel (21kg), empty weight is now 195kg, that would make a mtow of 396kg. 6kg overweight. Has the Mtow been increased on this aircraft? thanks

A2 Hi there. I was taking a 'middle of the road' stance. If you're holding the piece of paper that says it's a Group A aircraft the MTOW is 408kgs and you could in fact fill the slipper tank and STILL take another 12kgs of fuel in the rear tank (in theory the stall speed would increase marginally, taking her out of 'Microlight' parameters, even though the Shadow doesn't actually stall anyway!). If you only have a Microlight NPPL and you're holding the piece of paper that says it's a Microlight, yes the MTOW is 390kgs and with two 90kg occupants, to stay legal you wouldn't quite be able to fill the slipper tank even though she's the same aircraft - fortunately I'm a lithe and athletic 80 kgs so I don't have to worry in either case! Hope this helps.

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