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Sold Really Quickly! 2 Andair Fuel Selector Valves adid = 36804

Aviation Photo number 49541
Views so far = 1755

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Andair | £75 each

Two Andair FS20 Type 1 fuel valves.

Condition: used, but you can barely tell!
Normal fantastic Andair quality.

Suit 3/8" OD fuel line.
1/4" NPT Female inlet and outlet fittings.
The fittings are removable from the valves: you can get alternative fittings from Andair.

£75 each, but should have asked more ;-)
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Interested in one of these, how would you prefered paid and will you ship included in the price. Regards Tim Rayner Post to EH33 1BU

A1 Answered privately. Hope you are happy with your valve.