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Hangar Space Available At Stoke Golding Airfield adid = 36822

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Hangarage and Tie down space, To Rent

We have a space becoming available soon in our hangar at Stoke Golding Airfield on the Leicestershire-Warwickshire borders near Nuneaton. These spaces are rare!!...

The space would suit a typical small to mid-sized LAA type. Probably needs to be a tail dragger and low wing would fit better. RV3/4/6/7/8, Pitts, Mini Mustang etc spring to mind but I am sure there are plenty others that would fit.

You will be sharing with two others in this secure hangar with concrete floors and access onto a grass apron and taxiway to our 535m x 25m 26/08 grass runway with clear and unobstructed approaches from both directions.

Our airfield has an interesting selection of based aircraft and a good bunch of members. We operate on a self-help basis so you would need to be prepared to get involved. The legendary Stoke Golding Stakeout Fly-In Open Weekend is held here...23-24th of July this year. You can see more about the airfield on the website. Just Google Stoke Golding Airfield.

If you are looking for hangarage in this location, have a machine that fits the criteria and think you like the sound of the environment please, in the first instance, contact me by email with your details. You will find the email address on the website (to avoid spammers).

Send Tim Jinks a Secure Message.