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Nppl"a" Eurostar,24% Share,sep/ssea Required adid = 36874

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Evektor, Eurostar EV97A | £8,640

EUROSTAR, PPL "A" or NPPL "A" Share for Sale.

As a PPL "A" or NPPL "A" it has a MAUW of 480kg compared to a microlight MAUW of 450kg - very useful - carries 2 adults with good fuel load legally. So NPPL(m) not possible, I''''''''m afraid.

Only 1 of a total of 3 shares in the aircraft is available. 24% for £8,640.

One of the best equipped & well maintained Eurostars in the UK - 3 blade prop, spats, electric artificial horizon,turn & slip & compass, Garmin GPS, parking brake, only 864hrs total,TBO at 2000 hrs. Meticulously maintained by Airmasters. Based at Compton Abbas nr Salisbury/Poole. Minimal running costs. Around £100mth (which covers maintenance, servicing, Permit, hangarage & insurance) + minimal Sinking fund contribution to be agreed between us (around £50mth) + no hourly cost but bring your own unleaded fuel & top up after each flight. Web booking system.

I''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ve had a very successful arrangement with 2 other pilots in Rutland & having moved to Poole I''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ve bought their shares back in (with their agreement) & I''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''m now looking for 2 people to join me in flying a really modern quiet tourer (105mph cruise) with fantastic visibility & handling & with very low overheads & maximum availability on a lovely strip on the South Coast with all the facilities of a good airfield to hand including an excellent restaurant.

Tel: Phill on 01202 067951(h) or 0794 1308177(m)
Send phill brigstock a Secure Message. Contact Details 07941308177 Ask a Question
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