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P2010 Tecnam adid = 37057

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Tecnam (Italy), Pipistrel Virus

I am looking for around 10 people to equally share the cost of a brand Tecnam P2010 (tricycle).

This Italian four-seater aircraft will have a 180HP Lycoming engine and high avionics (inc IFR) specification, which would need to be discussed. Nothing has been ordered yet, so we would be able to custom design the aircraft.

The aircraft has a useful load of 450Kgs and fuel capacity is 230 litres. The brochure says it will cruise at 133kts. This is a three door aircraft; pilot, co-pilot and one back seat door.
This certified aircraft will be in the region of E320,000, with the new Brexit exchange rate that means around 260,000 - 270,000.

There would be a monthly fee of up to 90pm. This would include insurance and hangerage plus any regular expenses. Maintenance and fuel would be additional.

There is around a six month lead period from the time a 10% deposit is placed.

The aircraft could be parked around the Manchester area, possibly Barton, Hawarden or Liverpool, which would be dependent on availability. Other suggestions welcome.

I enclose pictures a two-seater version of the aircraft as I don''''t have pictures of the P2010.
The P2010 brochure is available at

If I can get enough interest it could be possible to get an aircraft for a few hours to take a closer look.

If you are interested please contact me to discuss details. James 01625 262 173
Send James Nicholas a Secure Message. Contact Details 01625262173 Ask a Question


There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Pitty your not closer to me, I would have been in. I'm in Lincolnshire

A1 I'm afraid that can't be helped. If you have a suggestion I would be happy to hear it. James

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