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Jabiru J400 - Now Sold Thanks To Afors adid = 37103

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Jabiru, Jabiru J400

****NOW SOLD ****


Jabiru J400 - 4 Seat - Group A

Airframe 420 hours (but still being flown)

Engine, 6 cylinder, 127Hp – new CaMit CAE 3300 - just 100 hours !! (but still being flown).

The installation of this new engine has been fully approved by the LAA with all appropriate documentation held.

Full details about CaMit and their aero engines can be found here:-

Sensenich Prop

Murray Flint Paint

Vortex Generators fitted to both wing and tail - Makes landing very easy and stalling almost impossible

Dual caliper brakes fitted for improved braking

Full leather Seats & Trim with 4 place, 3 point, quick release, seatbelts

115 -118 Kts cruise indicated for 25 Ltr Avgas per hour. 2 X 70 ltr fuel tanks.

Usable load = 350 kgs for Pilot, Passenger(s), Fuel & Luggage. Will easily carry two people, full fuel, two folding bikes and overnight bags - Great for touring.

First Reg 2006 – Always Hangered from new.

LAA Permit - August 2017


• Panel fitted Bendix King Skymap IIIc
• Funkwerk Radio (8.33Khz)
• Funkwerk Mode S Transponder
• Sigtronics 4 place intercom
• Electric Carb Heater – Two output levels
• Manual Carb Heater
• Vacuum powered Artificial Horizon
• Fuel Computer
• Strobe & Landing Lights
• Panel mounted 3 x 12v DC outputs
• Cabin Heater & Fresh Air vents
• Spats
• Various spares
• Wing tip covers / protectors (for use in the hanger)

Our Group has owned this aircraft for the last 5 years (300 hours flown). She has been a pleasure to own and maintain. We are reluctant to sell as we had to replace our original Jabiru 3300 engine with a brand new Camit CAE3300. This engine is aircraft engineering at its finest and has cost us circa £15k

REASON FOR SALE - Syndicate member’s differing views over future direction of Group.

Please give me a call for more details or to arrange a test flight.

Price £ Any Sensible Offer over £30,000 will be considered
Send Tony Haslam a Secure Message.


There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Tony, I've tried your phone a couple of times but no luck. Is your J400 still available? I see your asking price is ono. How flexible are you on price please? I've read alot about CAMIT Engines (all good) - can you email me the Service Manual please? Cheers Phil

A1 Hello Phil. Sorry I've missed your calls. We are happy to talk price; however, we have had quite a bit of interest already. Please text me your email address and I'll send you a copy of the CaMit Service Manual. I thought it was available on the CaMit website but it doesn't seem to be the case. Perhaps when you text, you can let me know where you are based, we can perhaps work something out to bring her to near you if you want test flight / viewing. Tony ***** PHIL - NOTE: PRICE NOW REDUCED TO £49,000 ********

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