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1973 Beechcraft Baron B55 adid = 37185

Aviation Photo number 50454
Views so far = 3998

Fly-in, For Sale | Beechcraft, Baron B55 | 37000

73 B55 3892TT, Has Full Deice Equipment. Plane is active, the corporation that owns it uses it often! Engines done in 2004 but Corporate flown so they have 1700 hours on them. Strong and used often so they will go a lot longer than engines that have sat and not used very often. Props in 2012 have 500 hours. Useful Load 1528#. KX165 & KX155 both with glideslopes. Trimble GPS Sandel HSI, STEC 65 autopilot w/ 3 axis & autotrim. JPI engine monitor (recently updated), wired for 2 transponders with 1 KT76a included. Recent spar inspection, O2 hydro inspection, heater inspection, batteries, brakes, Maintained to very high standard and flown often. Don''''''''t be afraid of the engine times, these will go a Lot more hours than TBO. Compressions were 60''''''''s and 70''''''''s. In 1700 hours on these engines, only 1 cylinder has ever had to be changed!!!! Someone treats these engines right.
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