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Eshott Airfield - Hangarage Available adid = 37287

Aviation Photo number 50717

This is a featured advert. Views so far = 1595

Hangarage and Tie down space, Service

// Hangarage available at Eshott Airfield. The airfield is now the home for over 50 aircraft and accommodates a clubhouse building, parking, and several hangar blocks. It is also the home of Purple Aviation - the number one centre for microlight flying training in the North East.

// The site has recently been taken over by North East Aviation Limited

// Membership gives a wide variety of reciprocal arrangements

// Fixed wing GA & microlights of all shapes and sizes welcome. Prices are competitive and will vary depending on aircraft size.

// 24 hour security cameras

// Ex Spitfire training base with two tarmac strips + flex wing grass operating area

// Easy access via A1


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