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Tl Sting S4 Shares For Sale @ Egbo adid = 37313

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups, Sting S4 | £26k each

I have 2 x 1/3 shares available in my Sting S4 (G-OMCB) Based Halfpenny Green. (1/3 share makes for unparalleled availability and is virtually like owning your own aircraft!)

2nd permit Feb 17 so only 100 hours from new. Rotax 912uls & inflight variable pitch prop means fuel burn is < £20.00 per hour.

95% carbon fibre so no corrosion issues!

Trig radio and Transponder. (8.33)

Garmin G5 now fitted so future autopilot option.

Skydemon nav.

Ballistic Parachute

Fixed operating costs are currently £520 p/m. This includes servicing by a Rotax engineer and engine replacement fund (TBO 2000hrs.) Split equally therefore, 3 members would pay just £175p/m each (plus fuel used) only.

Tel:- 0776 110 8807
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