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Full Set 582 Instruments*sold* Thanks Afors adid = 37338

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | £80

Engine instruments

Complete set of engine instruments to suit Rotax 582
RPM 0-8000 2” dia boss.
Dual EGT 2” dia boss.
Fuel Pressure 0-1.0 bar 2” dia.
Water temp 40-120 deg C 2” dia.
Volt meter 0-18VDC 2” dia.
Amp meter –2 to +2 40mm dia.

More from the BMAA hangar queen,
Everything fully working, (taped up holes are redundant light bulb holders)
You will need sender units for EGT and Water temp (available from Skydrive)
£80 the lot. Rather not separate.
Boxed up ready to go, post paid, UK buyer only, thanks.
Send Martyn Rangeley a Secure Message. Contact Details 01652 680459 Ask a Question
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