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Ozzee Millenium Flying Suit Xl Blk / Silver adid = 37372

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Clothing, For Sale | Ozee, Ozee Millenium

Ozee Millenium Flying Suit XL Black & Silver , Regular Leg. Cost 179.00 new and used for a year. Fly in Scotland so these suits are needed even in the summer . Great kit and essential for open cockpit flying. 1 Year old and in great condition . All zips and Velcro work as new as well as stirrups to keep the legs down in the cockpit.

Slight marking on the radio pocket and have included a pic of this but doesn''t detract from the looks or function of the suit. Yours for 84.00 and ready to fly. Including recorded p&p for your convenience and brings the price down below 80.00 . Thanks for looking . Brian
Send brian blackburn a Secure Message. Contact Details 07500557260 Ask a Question


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Q1 Is the millennium flying suit still for sale

A1 awaiting answer