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Zero-timed Overhauled Lycoming O-235-l2c (sold) adid = 37530

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Engines & Props, For Sale | Lycoming, O-235-L2C

Zero-Timed Overhauled Lycoming O-235-L2C
EASA Form 1 Certificate
Warranty: 24 months or 1,000hrs, whichever occurs the soonest.

£13,000 + VAT (with core exchange)

New Lycoming cylinders
New starter- motor (Skytec)
New Ignition HT harnesses
New Spark Plugs
New Oil Filter
Overhauled carburettor
Overhauled, magnetos

The engine was overhauled in accordance to the Lycoming Mandatory Service Bulletin 240W: Mandatory Parts Replacement at Overhaul and During Repair or Maintenance

The above quoted price is subject to the condition of crankshaft and crankcase the core exchange engine.

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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 hello, can you inform me: when and where was the overhaul done? with Regards.

A1 awaiting answer