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Jodel Dr1050 1/3 Share Netherthorpe £7750. adid = 37617

Aviation Photo number 51465
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Jodel, DR1050 | £7750

Jodel DR1050 Share

Selling my 1/3 Share in a Jodel DR1050 which is hangered at Netherthorpe airfield near Sheffield.

G-BXYJ is now on a permit through the LAA, so it is self maintained by the group. The aircraft has been hangared at Netherthorpe for the last 10+ years, so it’s well known at the airfield.

A very capable touring aircraft and a joy to fly. Cruises at 95Knots @ approx 25 litres Avgas per hour. 110 litre fuel capacity and 750KG MTOW.

Originally built 1960 with the current O-200 engine having only approx 650 hours on it.

Comes with a new 8.33 Radio and Mode A Transponder.

The costs are £85 Per Month for hangarage and insurance & £50 Per Hour Wet.

Share price £7750 ONO.

Available immediately due to moving to a new syndicate.

Contact Darrell 07930690826.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07930 690826