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Hangarage Available To Rent, Sleap (egcv) adid = 37642

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Hangarage and Tie down space, To Rent

I have a space available for one aircraft in my 2-aircraft hangar at Sleap.

Sleap is a good GA airfield close to RAF Shawbury and Shrewsbury. It has two long hard and one shorter grass runways, permanent instructors, maintenance facilities and a café. It has UL91, Avgas (and Avtur!) available at competitive prices. Alas it doesn''''t have an abundance of hangarage available, so this space is a good opportunity to the right aircraft.

The hangar is a very substantial blister type with a heavy duty covering. Due to its shape it would suit smaller aircraft, the maximum being something similar to a Jabiru 4-seat which previously occupied this space. The picture attached is a bit distorted, but please phone for clarification if needed. The Jabiru was put inside using a well made trolley and pulley system to put it in sideways, which is available for use.

Available now.
Send Stuart Ord a Secure Message. Contact Details 07981 569058
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