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1/20th Share Brand New Factory C42a Old Sarum adid = 37669

Aviation Photo number 51578

This is a featured advert. Views so far = 2572

Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | Ikarus Comco, C42A | £3,250

Brand New Factory Built C42A 100hp High Spec incl. Wingtips

(Replacing G-CFIT in the photo with G-CJIT)

Professionally Maintained - Factory Trained Rotax Engineer

Hangared Old Sarum QFI on Field

Well Run Old Established and Friendly Group

£25/month and £17/hour DRY

Aircraft Delivery: 14 Sept 2016 Price: £3,250

Contact: Sandy Munro 07968-731756
Send Alexander Munro a Secure Message. Contact Details Sandy Munro 07968-731756