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Instruments & Compass For Sale **all Sold** adid = 37808

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale

Various instruments for sale. All in very good condition.
Recently removed from my Medway EclipseR912:-

- ASI (0-100mph) = £80
- VSI = £100
- Altimeter = £150
- CHT (Duralite) = £25 **SOLD**
- Coolant = £25 **SOLD**
- Oil Pressure = £25 **SOLD**
- Silva Type 70 Compass = £50

Prices do not include shipping.
Send Steve Newlands a Secure Message. Contact Details +353861713600 Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 hi ya it's the airspeed for sale still pls? contact me Julian 07766061133

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 what's your email address pls i'm interested about asi and altimeter

A2 awaiting answer

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