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Rollason Condor - Tibenham adid = 37825

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Rollason, D62c

Rollason Condor based at Tibenham Norfolk.
One thirteenth share available - only 4 or 5 people fly regularly in this friendly group so availability is no issue. The aircraft does only about 50 hours a year.
LAA permit has just been renewed for another year.

This is the 130hp version with RR Continental O240, so lots of fun at relatively low cost.

Original panel, but does have a radio.

Monthlies £20, and £97.50/hr wet. Fuel is available on the airfield.

Not looking for much for the share, so make me an offer. I am selling because I have purchased a share in an Arrow and won''''t have time to fly 2 aeroplance.
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