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Boeing Stearman A75n1 Biplane For Sale adid = 37834

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Boeing, Stearman A75N1 | £125,000

Boeing Stearman A75N1 Biplane For Sale

Stearman G-KAYD has completed an extensive, historically-accurate restoration comprising a full nut and bolt rebuild, the fuselage frame has been stripped, inspected and powder coated and every part reassembled with new hardware. This Stearman is as original as it was when it left the Boeing factory in Wichita 1943 and supplied to the US Army.

The airframe has been recovered in Ceconite and finished using the Randolph Process in butyrate dope creating beautifully deep colours in an appropriate period and hard-wearing finish as befitting this historic aircraft.

The seven cylinder radial engine is a Continental W-670-6N 220hp, it has been zero-timed by Blakey Engine Service in Texas, probably the best radial engineers in the world. It is fitted with a new Sensenich S96 JA56 wooden propeller and both airframe and engine have completed only test-flying hours that were required for import onto the UK CAA G Register.

The Certificate of Airworthiness was issued by the CAA on the 26th August 2016 and it has a new National ARC and is ready for the new owner to enjoy.

This Stearman has wanted for nothing, if you are looking for a practical and reliable warbird then the Stearman is perfect with an electric starter, robust airframe and very forgiving flying characteristics it burns 50-55 litres of Avgas per hour and happily cruises at 90-95mph. There are certainly very few, if any, Stearman biplanes available in such excellent and original condition. The period Instruments are original and working right down to the mechanical Elgin clocks, although a discretely fitted Becker AR6201 8.33 kHz radio fitted provides up-to-date communications. The price includes fitment of your choice of mode S transponder, we would have fitted the matching Becker unit had it arrived in time!.

The aircraft is based in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom and if necessary delivery can be arranged throughout Europe.

Many more photos of the restoration and finished aircraft are available at

If you would like more information then please call:

Tom on +44 7794 602320 or

Richard on +44 7801 385483

The Stearman was registration number N8256G originally built in 1943 when it was supplied to the US Army, it has retained all the original data plates and the serial number is 75-4501.
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