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115 Hp Rotax 914 F3 Turbo Engine Form-1 Certified adid = 37836

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Engines & Props, For Sale | £5995 ono

Hi ,
Im selling a certified rotax 914-F3 motor in perfect condition . It comes with full documentation including log book , service reports and JAA form-1 airworthiness certificate . Heres a short history of the engine . It was made / installed in a diamond superdimona in sept. 2004 . In oct. 2007 at 674 hours it was upgraded to a 2000 hour tbo engine which also included replacing the "old" crankshaft with a brand new 2000 tbo crankshaft . On nov. 2014 at 1883 hours the complete turbo system was replaced with a brand new one . In june 2016 at 2183 hours it had its last 200 hour service and only one month / 5 hours later on the 18th of july 2016 with a total time of 2188 hours the engine was removed from the aircraft to be replaced with a new one . Of course all the regular 100 , 200 and 600 hour services where done and all are documented in the log book . You wont find a cleaner better running 914 turbo anywhere at the moment . Heres your chance to get one in perfect condition with a fresh 200 hour service . All you need to do is install it and its ready to go . Im in dover at least once a week so if you can pick up the engine in dover you can save yourself the shipping cost . If you have any questions please email me at or call me at 0049 176 255 755 75 .
Thanks , Danny .
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