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Wanted:- Hang Glider Towing Frame For Pegasus Xl adid = 37845

Aviation Photo number 51975
Views so far = 1508

Foot launched, Powered Hang Gliders, For Sale

Does anybody know of a towing frame for a Pegasus XL (to tow hang gliders), that might be lurking in the back of a hanger somewhere..?

(for the uninitiated, it goes around the propeller with the release at the back) displayed is a a photo of one.

If so, could you let me know, as we want to try to set up a towing group at our airfield.

(Might even buy a whole XL for spares if it is a hanger queen and has a towframe on the back. There are probably a few worn out examples kicking around as its a hard life towing).

Drop me a text on:- 07752 257277 if you know where we might find one.

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