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Rans S10 Sakota Project For Sale, Kent adid = 37877

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | RANS, Rans S10 | £5.900

Rans S10 Sakota project for sale

All metal parts on this project have been taken back to bare metal, sand blasted before painting or are brand new parts. Fuselage has new seat, firewall, floor, battery box and door. All metal skins on top deck and panel are new with panel not yet cut out.

Rudder, elevator, tail plane and support cables all new, parts for covering painted in two pack ready to be covered. Most of instruments supplied. Cowlings and spinner re-worked original parts with new 2 bladed prop to fit. New u/c frames, wheels and tyres plus new spats. One wing re-worked with new metal skins and assembled awaiting dry run assembly before covering. One wing ready to assemble with re-worked parts. 95% of hardware is all new.

Engine is a 582 which is not a blue top and needs full strip down and check.

Aircraft is not registered and currently in Kent. Will not sell parts separately.

£5.900. ovno

For further information please contact Ian on 07980 170418
Send David Sudworth a Secure Message. Contact Details 07980 170418
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