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Blackbushe Flying Club - Seven Aircraft Group adid = 37924

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

Established in 2014, Blackbushe Flying Group is a unique non-equity flying group where you, the pilot, can choose from a fantastic variety of great quality and well-maintained aircraft.

As a member, you will enjoy unlimited and unrestricted access to all SEVEN aircraft in the group and can book on-line anytime night or day. The wet rates are very competitive, and we do not charge for landing fees at Blackbushe.

Also, we do not charge up front for dry hours or anything confusing. There is no commitment to fly a minimum number of hours in our group.


* Reims Cessna F150M - 150 - £69 PH WET. (hour building packages available).

* Piper Archer II PA28-181 - £110 PH WET. (hour building packages available).

* Beechcraft Musketeer Super III - BE23 - £125 PH WET.

* Piper Arrow III - PA29R-200 - £160 PH WET.

* Reims Cessna F182Q - 182 - £180 PH WET.

* Mooney 231 (TURBO) - M20K - £205 PH WET.

* Beechcraft Duchess - BE76 - £295 PH WET.

Check out the website for the full specifications, photos and videos of the aircraft. Membership is priced competitively with NO hidden costs. More detailed spec on the aircraft can be found on our website. We can also arrange training and further ratings with experienced instructors based at Blackbushe.

contact: Dan 07580 848484


web: Blackbushe Flying Group
Send Dan Lassiter a Secure Message. Contact Details 07580848484 Ask a Question